April 15, 2024
Home ยป Ahok, Former Jailer And Governor Capital Jakarta Join PDIP, Will It Influence For Jokowidodo Electability?

kabarkata.com – Some experts speculated that joining Ahok to PDIP has born both bad and good impact for Jokowidodo electability.

A politician of PDIP Charles Honoris, honourably welcame Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (BTP) or familiar with Ahok as recently just joined as a member of PDIP ( Indonesian Demoxratic Party for Strugle)

He hopes that Ahok could do more for Indonesia along with PDIP

” He has choosen PDIP as a house for Nasionalist to involved in, a right place for him to convey his politial aspiration,
I myself hope Mr Ahok can do anything for Indonesia along with PDIP”, ssud Charles in his resident, Jakarta, Sunday,10/02/2019.

He is also convinced by joining Ahok into PDIP is able to raise the Presidential electabilty of Jokowidodo for the coming presidential election.
As in his opinion, Ahok loyal followers still remain mostly and particularly in Jakarta.

“Yes, it is positive exposure, here in Jakarta espescially, Ahok’s follower and fans remain more and moreover in whole over Indonesia. So that I believe it is able enough to upgrade electability Mr Jokowidodo, states Charles.

Charles doesn’t deny sopposedly bear a result as consequent tthat some group community will refuse to elect Jokowidodo for the appearance of Ahok in the successful team. As a matter of the fact, people decision to elect Jokowidodo is not merely of Ahok point factor, but tract record.

“Citizen will elect Jokowidodo for his proven tract record for Indonesian. However, if existingly remain group of people will not elect Jokowidodo because Ahok stands behind, it could be the reason. But I am sure, Indonesian majority to reelect Jokowidodo for his development working program, vision and mision as well as the candidate tract record of the couple’, conveys charles.

Before as Ahok announced that his joining PDIP since 26 Januari 2019.
He admitted that PDIP flatform party in in single line with his struggling ideology. He is so confident to be a member of PDIP with white this mouth bulls symbol.

” This actually as per my choosen idelogy”, says Ahok as was being questioned of reason to put his heart in PDIP.